RE/CAP Northwest llc, is a private equity investment fund that utilizes real estate investment opportunities to return a 12% to 18% ROI. RE/CAP Northwest believes any investor should be able to participate in real estate investments. This is our core belief and goal as we pursue developing investment opportunities for our valued private investors.

Our team is made up of real estate professionals from an array of backgrounds that allow us to develop High Value Properties and invest in real estate that returns a high ROI and profit.We seek to acquire land, residential housing, apartment buildings, multi-family, commercial buildings, and plat developments.   

Our exclusive agreements with our partners allow us to take projects through feasibility and either assign them to another builder or develop them ourselves.  We look at every opportunity the same way.  What is the highest and best use of the land, the structure, and our capital.  If the opportunity passes then we commit to it and launch our resources into action!  This year our fund is projecting an annualized return of 12%-18%.  

Most of the projects that we develop take up to 24-months from beginning to finished product!  Therefore, we ask our investors this question?  Are you able to invest for at least up to 12 months?  We pay our interest dividends to our investors after the first 12 months.  After 12 months initial commitment the dividends are paid quarterly to all investors on a projected 12% -18% annualized return.